You are your own healer. Let's go on a journey together to remember.

"I am Love, I am light."

For years, these words popped up during my meditations. I was a lawyer in one of the biggest law firms in the world, recovering from a burnout and an aggressive skin cancer. Wondering why these words kept coming up in those scarce moments of inner peace. One thing I knew: I'm more interested in the person behind the client than the lawsuit they presented.  

"I was searching for answers why something felt missing in my life, a lack of fulfillment that urged me to connect within. I ended up going back to my childhood memories to remember what made me thrill when I was little. And I can tell you, it was not working in an office all day."

My first written paper in primary school was about psychic abilities. When not in school, I just loved to stroll through the "woods" (for me it felt like a giant wood, actually there were some trees and a lot of plants ;)). However, it felt magical. Wandering through nature, smelling the flowers and discovering new hidden paths everytime. I called it my quest. I collected plants, flowers and seeds. When I was lucky, there were some rose petals on the ground, then it was an easy choice: I make perfume today! Other days, I brewed my own washing powder (with really funny ingredients such as "pepernoten"), or an herbal “soup" that I imagined myself eating. I also treated my teddy bears and barbie dolls with all kinds of brew I could think of.

I somehow lost connection with my interest in the spiritual world and the excitement of being on a quest. My mind was taken it over. A critical voice that kept saying I should live a regular life, make money and have a career.

I discovered that the lack of fulfillment I experienced, was because I wasn't listening to my intuition. Intuition, a beautiful, deep inner knowing that led me to my soul's purpose.

"My soul goes YAY when I truly connect with people. My heart smiles when Universal Energy does its job. My eyes sparkle when I guide people to reconnect with themselves."

After an inner and outer journey of several years I found my way back into this practice. I started an education as energetic therapist and completed several energy healing courses and workshops in the Netherlands and Bali. But most importantly: I strengthened my connection with the intuitive healer inside of me. I gave her space to evolve, released limiting believes and blockages and let her flourish.

"It was then that I understood: it was my intuition telling me all along: “I am Love, I am Light”. And it’s my purpose to remember people around me that they are too."

                                                                                                     - Janneke Willemijn

"I will hold space for you. Lead you to relaxation and assist you in embracing discomfort. I commit to channel Universal Energy to the best of my ability."