The Treatment

Tap into your intuitive healing capacity

Balance is your natural state of being.

Your body intuitively knows how to keep this balance and is continuously working on retaining a perfect healthy atmosphere.

A physical or mental discomfort is a signal from your body that your natural balance is disturbed. Such a disturbance starts within your energy field, your energetic system.

Your body gives you subtle hints that "something isn't right". Feeling "off", grumpy, restless: anything to make you pay attention to your health . If not noticed and taken care of, phsycial or mental illness are a result.

During my Treat ment we make space for your body to restore its natural balance. While you lay down on a comfortable massage table, we dive deep into all your (energetic) layers. With my hands, breath and Universal Energy I guide you on a journey through all these layers.

Together we travel to a place where you let go of your thoughts, tap into your intuitive healing capacities and are able to feel what needs to be "seen".

The energy can show you a very deep relaxation, physical or emotional intense sensations or a combination thereof. Every person is different, so is every Treatment.

I use a combination of energy healing techniques (such as Shambhala MultiDimensionalHealing), intuitive healing and massage. Curious how that actually works out? Read about the experiences from my amazing clients here .

Your investment

EUR 120 for a session of 2 hours.* This includes an intake, the bodywork and aftercare.

*It's my purpose to channel Universal Energy to everybody who needs it. Are you not able to make this investment? Get in touch and we make this work together.

dōTERRA Essential Oils

During the Treatment I use dōTERRA Essential Oils. Essential Oils are the essence of a plant. dōTERRA means: gift from the earth. dōTERRA's Essential Oils are classified as Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® ("CPTG"). The purest essential oils on the market.

During a wonderful soul activation session I remembered the healing power of nature and my connection to it. When I opened my first dōTERRA kit, I immediately remembered the woods I was so familiar with when I was a child.

I was in The Netherlands for my father's birthday and he smiled at me when he saw me opening the kit and exploring the oils in the next days. "You're still that "kruidenvrouwtje" I remembered when you were little”, he said.

I love to brew my own dōTERRA mix and use the oils for myself and loved ones. I also use the oils during my sessions for an even deeper experience. Before the treatment I tune into your energy to feel which oil is the most beneficial for you.

The oils not only smell gorgeous, they also have amazing benefits. I balanced my hormone system with it (cramps and PMS are history) and my digestive system feels much more at ease since I use the oils.

Curious to explore the magical world of Essential Oils for yourself?

Let's get in touch!

"You are already whole. You just need to remember it."