"I feel so blessed and grateful for all the amazing souls who already went on a journey with me. Some of them share their story below."

        I felt my sinuses open up after one session

What a great and unique experience! Janneke is a great natured, professional and attentive practitioner who will really help you in a way beyond your expectations - just be open to the experience and allow yourself to feel. I’m amazed at how, during our energy healing session, I could feel the heat radiate out her hands. Believe it or not, I even felt my sinuses open up after the session. Thank you Janneke, for an unforgettable experience!

- Marriyam (Canada)   

        Out of this world

What an eye-opening experience! If you come into this with an open mind, you will be amazed about what energy healing can do for you. The energy you receive is literally out of this world and will leave you feeling like the person you should be. As soon as you enter the place, you feel the warm and welcoming vibes. Not to mention the heat from Janneke's hands during the healing session.

- Kamil (New York)

        Recommended for those who feel imbalanced

The energy healing is honestly recommended to those who feel there’s an imbalance. Janneke is a wonderful guide and you see her passion for this. She builds a connection with you. Once you’re experiencing the healing session you feel where your energy is high and low. Thank you so much Janneke, wish you nothing but happiness and peace.

- Tunde (England)

        Magical hands

It was a truly relaxing experience. Janneke has magical hands and her whole aura and presence is super welcoming and calming. Location was peaceful - if you need to de-stress and stop the time for a moment then this is the experience for you.

- Auste (England)

        Quality awareness

Janneke's energy healing was really an unforgettable experience! Highly recommend to all looking for self growth/understanding, for self anything. She gives quality awareness, I left excited for more! Thank you, Janneke!

- Ashley (Germany)


        A sense of belonging

It was so refreshing and energizing at the same time. Entering Janneke’s place, you will feel positive energy/vibrations and a sense of belonging. I left feeling happy and full of energy. I absolutely loved it. This is a definite must. Namaste!

- Ruby Rebecca (Texas)

        A whole other level

WOW! I had dabbled in meditation, visualization, and breathing exercises before, but this was a whole other level. Janneke is by far the best teacher/guide/leader that I have encountered. I left the session with an abundance of positive energy flowing through my body that has carried on through to the next day! I can’t think of anyone who would not benefit from this treatment. You owe this to your mental and physical well-being! Clarity and peace of mind await.

- Aldo (Canada)

        Amazing experience!

I felt directly at ease with Janneke. She knows how to create an atmosphere and energy where you can totally surrender to the present moment. Where you can be yourself! The treatment felt deep and relaxed at the same time. After the treatment, Janneke is perfectly able to explain in clear words exactly that which needs attention in your life. From an open heart and with a pure intention. An amazing experience!

- Karlijn (The Netherlands)


        A new way of communication with energy

I loved it! I love her!! I had quite an amazing connection to Janneke, She is someone who is willing to go an extra step to ensure your well being. Talking about each treatment along gave me the feeling that I could be myself. Most importantly, the feeling cared for you is absolutely above all the best part about my experience here. I learned a new way of communication with energy as well as more about my own body. What an amazing experience. Do not hesitate to book more than one session!

- Isabella (The Netherlands)

        Think no further, just go for it!

Janneke is a wonderful woman with a great story. Not only did she make me feel welcome but the passion she has for her craft is evident in all that I experienced from the moment I entered her lovely place. If you're wondering whether a healing session is worth having? Think no further, just go for it!

- Dee (Qatar)

        Loving, soft and powerful

Janneke has a very beautiful energy. As soon as I entered her place I felt very good. Her therapy is loving, soft and powerful at the same time. The next day I woke up feeling wonderful and my jetlag was completely gone! I recommend this experience. Janneke is an amazing human being.

- Zorka (Peru)

        Deep change in your state of being

I’ve read up on energy healing and what is possible, but I was amazed at the deep change in your state of physical being when Janneke directly applies energy healing, it's life changing. Thank you so much Janneke! Great practitioner, great value!

- Richard (New York)                                    

"Let's hold each other and let's be held. Let's heal together. Together we makes this world work."